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I want to thank you for making my back better. You only did two or three treatments, but it worked. Before I came to you, I had been seeing a chiropractor for 11 years, sometimes three times per week. You were very professional and the needles never hurt. I did not know they were on me. You are very good in what you do. I tell all my friends about you.

— Betty G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wang for over 5 years. He has treated me for a variety of issues and I always feel better after the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Wang is very knowledgeable. He explains the treatment, patiently listens to any questions I may have, and gives thorough answers.

— Mark B.

The service I received was above and beyond my expectations. The staff was very professional and courteous.

— Thomas P.

We have been patients of Dr. Wang for many years, taking the herbs he prescribed and prepared for us the entire time. We especially value that he is trained in both eastern and western medicine. This enables him to integrate both medical models and to guide us toward the most appropriate treatments. We highly value his knowledge and skills. He is a caring and involved physician.

— Michael M. & Tina S.

I have been using your product – New Life Royal Jelly – consistently for many years now and have found no other natural supplement equal for maintaining health. It immediately relaxed my nervous system and improved my quality of sleep, kept my immune system strong, thereby avoiding illness. It gives me a quiet energy throughout the day and is loaded with a unique array of nutrients. I just love it and won’t do without it.

— Ronnie O.

Thank you for keeping me medication free throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our son! My husband and I could not be happier with our little boy, and we are very appreciative of your care.

— Sally G.

Over the course of a few months, I felt my immune system strengthened, plus my skin had gained a youthful glow and lost its sallowness. Even my friends commented on the difference! I will continue to use your health products. I don’t want to lose the benefits.

— Cathy G.

I wanted to let you know that all the tests have come back good. I am also driving again. I want to thank you so much for all your help and being there for me. It means so much.

— Michael Z.

I have used Dr. Wang’s royal jelly for several years and feel it lends energy, strength and endurance.

— Karl K.

After 4 weeks, my energy improved dramatically.

— Jose T.

Very thorough. I feel better than when I came in! The psoriasis cream is working really well. Doctor Wang is very kind and caring.

— Maria P.

Dr. Wang made me feel safe and comfortable in his care. He is highly knowledgeable as well intuitive. I came into his office with low energy, sinus headaches, and dark circles under my eyes, and he knew exactly what to do to bring me into balance. I found noticeable improvements in my energy and complexion after 5 or 6 sessions. The staff at his center are kind, friendly, sincere, and thoughtful.

— Noel S.

Thank you so much. I am feeling better already.

— Joan C.

I have been Dr. Wang’s patient for the past 18 years and during that time he has not only helped me through a number of different health issues, but has also informed me and educated me on the importance of treatment as well as prevention. He is both humble and dedicated, as well as balanced and realistic. It is a priviledge to be one of his patients. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

— Lois S.

I am very pleased with Dr. Wang’s services. I have been doing acupuncture for many years and I consider Dr. Wang to be on the top of the list. His office staff is very professional and accommodating.

— Mary A.

Thank you so much for helping me.

— Vincent A.

I came in for dermatologic problems, which have been cleared up under Dr. Wang’s care. Excellent care, very knowledgeable, and willing to listen.

— Joey B.

I have a general feeling of well-being and since then have not been sick with usual cold or flu symptoms.

— Annie O.

I had the good fortune of using Dr. Wang’s health products. They are genuine. You tell people what they are and they are priceless in making me feel better.

— Larry D.

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